Residents in shock as Chester street wins £1m Postcode Lottery jackpot (2024)

Three families on a Chester street are celebrating after scooping their share of a £1m Postcode Lottery jackpot. Residents on Mannings Lane in Hoole - CH2 3RT - won Postcode Lottery’s weekly Millionaire Street prize on Saturday (April 27), with each ticket worth a whopping £333,333.

Among the three winning households was horse-racing fan Roly Humphreys, 42, who hinted that he may use his winnings to fulfil a dream of having his own racehorse - as long as he can convince his wife! The dad-of-one said: “I haven’t decided what I will spend it on, everything will be subject to spousal approval, obviously.

"A holiday, I’m sure. It’s my little girl’s fourth birthday next month, so I’m sure she’ll get some treats. I would say buy a horse, but I don’t think I would get away with that. I’m a massive racing fan so I’d like to buy even the leg of a horse, but I’m not sure I’ll get than one approved. Who knows?"

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Roly shared the Millionaire Street pot with two neighbours. He added: "I feel shocked, but surreal. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I think to anyone this sort of money will really make a difference. Our daughter’s four so we’ve got a lot of things to look forward to with her in life. But there are a lot of things we will want to save money for.

"University fees are a long way off, but things like that and this will really, really help make sure that she’s got everything that she needs. I’ll finish the garden which you couldn’t go into because it’s a wasteland at the back…a building site."

Residents in shock as Chester street wins £1m Postcode Lottery jackpot (1)

Roly and his clinical pharmacist wife Sian initially thought the win was a set-up by one of their prankster pals. He explained: “I’ve got a few mates and we sort of play the odd practical joke. I told my best mate and I was like ‘this isn’t you, is it?’ And then the more it started happening I was like I’m not sure that he’s got the resources to hire different people from Scotland and set up a web domain.”

Roly added: “It was then I thought it was real. I thought the maximum, which would have been amazing, would have been the £30,000 street prize." And he was delighted to win with one of his close neighbours, Geoff Williams, 79, who landed the same amount. He said: "It’s really nice, really lovely to win with my neighbours because we know them and they’re lovely people. It’s really nice to share it with them."

Roly has two charities close to his heart, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery – Cats Protection and the Canal & River Trust. He said: “We have a deaf house cat called Lola who I got from Cats Protection about 12 years ago. That’s a charity that I support anyway and it’s great that People’s Postcode Lottery supports them as well.

"The Canal & River Trust is a charity that a lot of people in Chester support because the canal is a really big issue around here. It gets publicised quite a lot in the media, so it’s really good that Postcode Lottery also supports that." He added: “Knowing that this helps local charities I think does make it a little bit better. Feeling like you’ve helped out a bit, however indirectly, through playing is good."

Retired draftsman Geoff said he’ll use the winnings to modify his bungalow to make life better for his poorly wife Pat, who’s currently in hospital. Grandad Geoff, who has vascular Parkinson’s, said: “This is good, a good moment really. It is absolutely excellent.

Residents in shock as Chester street wins £1m Postcode Lottery jackpot (2)

"My wife is in hospital, so we need to do some modifications to the house so that it is more accessible for when she comes out. I have vascular Parkinson’s which makes life difficult getting around. I need a few things doing to make life easier in the house."

He added: “This is an incredible amount of money. As soon as we can we’ll get all the family together.” Both winners spoke of the importance of signing up for People’s Postcode Lottery so charities can benefit. And one local charity, The Bren Project, has been awarded £70,000 by Postcode Community Trust thanks to their wins.

The independent charity offers people with learning disabilities and autism the opportunity to experience supported, bespoke work placements in and around Chester. Bren Bikes, a working bicycle workshop, is one of the services the charity operates. The in-house training programme supports beneficiaries in developing a wide range of employability skills, overseen by qualified mechanics.

Andrew Ashford, Charity Manager at The Bren Project, said: “The funding we have been awarded has come as a complete shock and will go a long way in supporting the maintenance of our core services – The Bren Project, Bren Bikes and our Wellbeing Hub – as well as kick-starting expansions plans for our long-awaited café, to sit alongside our Bren Bikes provision.”

Bren Bikes is a hub of activity for cycling enthusiasts across Cheshire, being positioned in the centre of the North Wales Coastal Route. In 2023 alone the workshop refurbished over 1,500 bicycles. Andrew added: “The Bren Project has become so engrained in the wider Cheshire community so it feels very special to be able to start planning our next exciting project, which will help us support more of the community who live with learning disabilities and autism."

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Residents in shock as Chester street wins £1m Postcode Lottery jackpot (2024)


Residents in shock as Chester street wins £1m Postcode Lottery jackpot? ›

Three families on a Chester street are celebrating after scooping their share of a £1m Postcode Lottery jackpot. Residents on Mannings Lane in Hoole - CH2 3RT - won Postcode Lottery's weekly Millionaire Street prize on Saturday (April 27), with each ticket worth a whopping £333,333.

Who is the biggest postcode lottery winner? ›

Welsh man becomes biggest Postcode Lottery winner – and his stepfather called it. Kevin Jones was left speechless after winning a record £1,210,914, revealing how his stepfather, John Davies, predicted his big jackpot win.

How many people play people's postcode lottery in the UK? ›

2022, Our Year in Numbers
A total of 4.3 million playersOver £183 million raised for charity
A minimum of 33% from each subscription for good causesOver £1 billion raised for good causes since 2005
Over 13,000 charities and good causes supportedOver £20 million to community projects around Britain

Who won the postcode lottery in Llandrindod? ›

Man who scooped over £1.2m to become biggest Postcode Lottery winner says stepdad 'predicted' it. Kevin Jones, from Llandrindod Wells in Powys, plans to swap his top-floor flat for a chalet in a nearby residential park.

What are the chances of winning the postcode lottery in the UK? ›

On the other hand, the Postcode Lottery operates slightly differently. The odds of winning are influenced by the number of participating postcodes and the number of tickets purchased within those postcodes. The odds of winning the jackpot prize in the Postcode Lottery sits around 1 in 1.08 million.

Where are the most lottery winners? ›

New York state is home to the most Mega Millions jackpot winners, with 42 winning tickets sold in the Empire State. California follows with 36 winning tickets sold in-state. The more populated states correlate to selling more Mega Millions jackpot-winning tickets.

Which lottery has the best odds? ›

German Lotto1:139,838,160
Powerball (US)1:292,201,338
MegaMillions (US)1:302,573,350
SuperEnalotto (Italy)1:622,614,630
15 more rows

Do people in London win postcode lottery? ›

It just goes to show that no matter where you live, even in London, you can win with People's Postcode Lottery.

Is it worth playing the lottery in the UK? ›

There is no trick to winning the lottery. There is no magical combination of numbers that will help you beat the odds. Buying extra tickets may help your odds, but the improvement would be so small as to make it virtually worthless.

Who owns postcode lottery UK? ›

People's Postcode Lottery is owned by Novamedia, the creators of the Postcode Lottery brand. Its Postcode Lottery model now operates in five countries - the Netherlands, Sweden, Britain, Germany and Norway.

When did William Post win the lottery? ›

Post bought one of the winning tickets of the Pennsylvania Lottery in 1988, worth $16.2 million. The total jackpot was more than $32 million, the second highest total in state history; the other half went to a group of 16 employees of the Westinghouse Electric Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in Pittsburgh.

Who won the postcode lottery in Powys? ›

A man from Powys has been left “blown away” after winning over £1.2 million, becoming the Postcode Lottery's biggest winner. Kevin Jones, 58, scooped a record £1,210,914 in the lottery's monthly Postcode Millions draw for January, saying the “life-changing” moment still hasn't sunk in.

Is postcode lottery just England? ›

Novamedia established Postcode Lottery Limited in Great Britain and is incorporated in England and Wales. People's Postcode Lottery is the trading name of Postcode Lottery Ltd and is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission under account number 829.

How much is a lottery ticket in the UK? ›

How much is the UK lottery?
UK National Lottery prices
UK National Lottery£1.50
Health Lottery£1
People Postocde Lottery£12 monthly
1 more row

How to play the lottery in the UK? ›

To play Lotto, simply select six numbers between 1 and 59. Draws take place on Wednesday at 8.30pm and Saturday at 7.45pm, so be sure to check what time ticket sales close so you don't miss out on a chance to win. Choose your six numbers from 1-59.

What lottery game has the highest payout? ›

1. $2.04 billion. The largest lottery jackpot to date, a Powerball drawing, was won on Nov. 7, 2022.

Which lottery ticket has the biggest payout? ›

The all-time largest US lottery jackpot was a $2.04 billion Powerball prize won in November 2022 by a ticket bought in California.

What's the biggest UK lottery win? ›

National Lottery (United Kingdom)
RegionUnited Kingdom Isle of Man
First draw1994
OperatorAllwyn Entertainment
Regulated byGambling Commission
Highest jackpot£195,707,000 (EuroMillions) £66,070,646 (Lotto)
5 more rows

Which lottery drawing is the biggest? ›

Top 10 Biggest Lottery Jackpots:

The biggest U.S. jackpot came in November 2022, when a Powerball jackpot was claimed by a winning ticket holder in California, who won the only jackpot to surpass $2 billion. $1.77 billion. A massive Powerball jackpot was won by another California ticket holder last October.


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