20 Best Miracle Whip Recipes (2024)

The most common Miracle Whip recipes include sandwiches, burgers, and savory pasta salads.

After all, its thick and creamy finish makes a wonderfully light alternative to mayonnaise.

20 Best Miracle Whip Recipes (1)


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But believe it or not, you can add it to desserts, too!

So, if you think this list of Miracle Whip recipes is all sandwiches and salads…you’re almost right. But there are also a few wildcards in the mix!

Miracle Whip banana bread, anyone?

1. Tangy Deviled Eggs

These five-ingredient deviled eggs have the smoothest, silkiest centers imaginable.

That’s 100% because of the Miracle Whip. (You’ll notice it’s the one ingredient that says “no substitutions.”)

Miracle Whip gives these eggs a phenomenal texture. Although, it’s the yellow mustard that makes them so tangy.

Together with the salt and pepper, these are a fantastic holiday appetizer.

2. Amish Broccoli Salad

You’ve probably had Amish broccoli salad before, though you may have called it by another name.

Some people call it broccoli-cauliflower salad; some just call it broccoli salad. My grandmother calls it a broccoli-mayo salad.

No matter what you call it, though, there’s one thing they all have in common:they all use this same basic recipe, and you should, too.

Just be sure to substitute Miracle Whip for mayo for a creamier, more decadent option.

The smooth sauce against the crunchy veggies is the perfect combination.

3. Miracle Whip Coleslaw Dressing

Whip up this coleslaw if you need a quick and easy side dish.


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It uses just nine ingredients and takes a mere 10 minutes to make.

It’s fresh and has a bright, slightly zesty flavor. Pair it with barbecue for a yummy summertime treat.

4. Chocolate-Mayonnaise Cake

I promised you wildcards, so here we are with a chocolate and Miracle Whip cake!

Adding Miracle Whip to your homemade cake batter doesn’t just make it delicious – it also eliminates the need to add eggs, milk, or oil!

That means you can make a chocolate cake from scratch with only seven ingredients: sugar, Miracle Whip, water, vanilla, flour, baking soda, and cocoa powder.

That’s it!The cake will be light, fluffy, and wonderfully moist.

Top it with the decadent chocolate cream cheese frosting, and you’re all set. Everyone who tastes it will want the recipe.

5. Potato Salad

This potato salad is cool and creamy with thick chunks of diced golden potatoes.

The addition of crunchy veggies and soft eggs also add a nice touch.

It takes less than an hour to whip up this tasty side dish, and it’s a fantastic choice for summer cookouts and barbecues.

6. Classic Egg Salad Sandwich

Egg salad sandwiches are creamy, fluffy, and unbelievably comforting.

They’re also effortless to make.

Needing just five pantry staples and less than half an hour, this couldn’t be easier.

So if you have eggs, bread, Miracle Whip, mustard, and salt, you can whip this one up right now.

7. Waldorf Salad

The classic Waldorf salad was made famous by the Waldorf Hotel. It combined fruit, nuts, and celery for a crunchy, sweet, and nutty dish.

This recipe does the same. However, it’s a bit sweeter than the original, thanks to the addition of lemon and orange juice.

It’s both creamy and crunchy, sweet and salty.

It’s a great option if you want something light and flavorful.

8. Macaroni Salad

This recipe is a fun, tasty twist on the traditional macaroni salad, using ditalini pasta, eggs, and veggies.

Additionally, there’s a Miracle Whip and pickled relish-based sauce that’s incredibly tangy.

*Note: If you’re sensitive to sugar, you may want to cut the amount in half or eliminate it altogether.

The biggest complaint most people have with this one is that it’s too sweet.

I usually add an eighth cup of sugar instead of a fourth. That gives it enough sweetness to cut into the zestiness without making it overly cloying.

20 Best Miracle Whip Recipes (2)

9. Creamy Broccoli Salad

I’ve seen many recipes claiming to be “the best” of something over the years.

I’ve also tried plenty of broccoli salad recipes in my time as a semi-pro chef and baker.

And though this one may not be the best, it’s undoubtedly one of the best.

The veggies are fresh and crunchy; the sugared Miracle Whip is sweet and creamy.

Additionally, the bacon is salty, and the raisins are chewy and tangy. Every bite is like a flavor explosion on your tongue.

10. Seven-Layer Salad

This seven-layer salad may not be as tall and imposing as you’re used to seeing. However, it still features all seven delicious layers.

Substitute Miracle Whip for the mayo if you want something a bit more flavorful. Otherwise, the recipe as written is pretty great.

It’s sweet and savory with plenty of cheese and bacon.

It’s another of those cool, refreshing dishes that work well for summer.

11. The Best Chicken Salad

If you’re in the mood for a savory chicken salad, this is the recipe for you.

Unlike some chicken salad recipes, there are no grapes, raisins, or cranberries.

Instead, this one features more earthy ingredients, such as celery, chicken, and eggs.

However, there’s a tablespoon of sugar, so you’ll get a hint of sweetness.

You’ll use both Miracle Whip and mayo to make it extra creamy. And the dill and sweet pickle relish add a delicious depth of flavor that’s hard not to love.

12. Miracle Whip Kale & Apple Potato Salad

This chunky, filling salad is another sweet and savory summer dish. It’s a simple, no-cook side that takes 15 minutes or less to prepare.

Of course, the colder it is, the better it tastes. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you give it several hours to chill in the fridge before serving it.

13. Easy Banana Bread

Want to know the secret to baking the softest, moistest banana bread possible? Miracle Whip!

The crust of the bread is beautifully brown and slightly crisp around the edges. The inside, though, is soft and peppered throughout with crunchy walnuts.

It’s sweet and nutty, and you can enjoy it for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

Best of all, it uses fewer than ten ingredients and is so simple to make.

14. Creamy Bacon Pea Salad

Cool, creamy, and refreshing, bacon pea salad is a family favorite in my house.

It combines crisp peas, salty bacon, and flavorful cheese with Miracle Whip, sugar, and milk.

Toss in some salt, pepper, and seasoning salt for flavor, and call it a day! This recipe requires no cooking and takes mere moments to pull together.

That means you can whip it up last minute without worrying.

15. Miracle Whip WOW Burgers

The next time you make burgers, spice them up with a mixture of Miracle Whip and A1.

The burger itself is typical – thick, juicy, and cheesy.

The A1/Miracle Whip sauce, however, is soooo tasty. It’s robust and spicy with just a hint of tanginess thrown in for good measure.

It’s a little messy, though, so you might want to stick a napkin in your collar. Because you certainly won’t want to slow down once you take that first bite.

16. Bacon Cheddar Onion Dip

This rich dip is cheesy, salty, and oniony – the perfect trifecta of flavors, in my opinion!

It’s a warm, gooey dip that’s borderline addictive, so I suggest you only make it when you have someone to share it with.

After baking, you’ll top it with tomatoes for an even bolder, fresher flavor.

It’s easy to make, and you can pair it with anything. I like to serve mine with garlic Pretzel Crisps or Wheat Thins.

17. Tangy Aioli

Whether you love aioli or hate it, you will love this roasted garlic recipe (especially if you turn it into a black garlic recipe!).

This stuff is so creamy, tangy, and garlicky that I could literally eat it by itself with a spoon. (I don’t, though! I have self-control!)

Don’t be surprised if you want to put everything on after trying it once. It’s unbelievably delicious.

Plus, you’ll only need four ingredients to make it.

You’re welcome!

18. Miracle Whip Slaw Burgers

Here’s another super messy burger recipe that everyone will love despite the mess.

Each one features lean, juicy ground beef and sweet, tangy slaw.

Between the pineapples, onions, Sriracha, and Miracle Whip, there are a whole ton of flavors that shouldn’t go well together but do.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy burgers this summer, this is it.

19. Spicy Fish Tacos

These fish tacos are spicy, zesty, and full of fresh umami flavor.

They blend spices and heat with the cool crispness of coleslaw, and they’re protein-packed and gluten-free to boot.

And you can enjoy them on the Weight Watchers diet for only ten points per serving.

So, if you’re looking for a relatively quick and inexpensive lunch or dinner option, give these a try.

20. MIRACLE WHIP Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Spinach and artichoke dip is one of my favorites. I love its creamy coolness and its earthy, herby taste.

Adding Miracle Whip to the traditional recipe gives it more flavor and tanginess. It enhances the overall flavor profile without overpowering the veggies.

Plus, there’s no cooking involved. So it’s an excellent choice for when you need a last-minute appetizer in a hurry.

20 Best Miracle Whip Recipes (3)

20 Best Ways to Use Miracle Whip

If you think this list of Miracle Whip recipes is all sandwiches and salads…you’re almost right. But there’s also a few wildcards in the mix!


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20 Best Miracle Whip Recipes (2024)


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